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Vol 2.1 - Tactile Zine

Published Jul 5, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Volume 2.1 - Reunion (Please note that the zine will not say

Volume 2.1 - Reunion (Please note that the zine will not say "Draft 4F" on the cover in the final version.)

If you’ve ever wondered what got me back into keyboards after 6 years away, it’s pretty simple. I was at a point in my life when I had a lot of free time and got sucked into the vtuber fandom. Between the streams I liked and still keeping up with technology, I was on YouTube pretty often. I would see recommendations for videos from Linus Tech Tips or keyboard typing samples which would remind me of the hobby. But the moment that I really remember is when Hololive Indonesia vtuber Pavolia Reine did a stream reviewing her fans’ keyboards.

Reine's fan said this was the JP standard layout for Hololive fans, kusa.

Reine's fan said this was the JP standard layout for Hololive fans, kusa.

Also IRyS talked a lot about her love for Mode and keyboards in general. I was so surprised that my little niche hobby that I was into years ago was suddenly being talked about in so many places. But surely the hobby was still small right? I thought nothing much changed since 2017…so I casually started looking into keyboards again. Obviously a lot has changed so I have a lot to learn again. Since I’m doing all this research, I figured this would be a nice time to restart my Tactile Zine series as I dive back into the hobby.

Everything the zine comes with

Everything the zine comes with. Please note that the zine will not say "Draft 4F" on the cover in the final version.

Volume 2.1 is the first in this revival zine series. In this volume, I talked to HoffmanMyster, LightningXI, and ThereminGoat. I wanted to speak to people who have a lot of time in the hobby and are still involved. In case you’re not familiar with these people and need an introduction:

HoffmanMyster is an old friend of mine who has been a long time community member and now Drop employee. LightningXI is a Twitch streamer who builds a lot of keyboards and the owner of the best keyboard community. And ThereminGoat writes your favorite switch reviews on his site.

I want to buy a zine, where do I go?

The zines will be $10 shipped worldwide. Please note they will ship using USPS letter mail stamps. For more details, please see “On Shipment” in this link.

The first sale of the zines will be at the Glastonbury CT NEKB Meetup - Coffee and Keyboards at RaonJena on 7/8/23. An online sale will follow soon in July 2023 with information to come. And I will have these zines for sale going forward on my site as well as at any meetups I’m attending. I will announce when the online storefront is open and has stock. Link for the storefront is here.

I’m interested but what’s a zine?

Check the introduction paragraph from this post.

I want more updates

Check out the links on my homepage. I mostly post updates in the geekhack thread.






Things I Learned (Or Relearned)


Everything the zine comes with

Zero, Kingsaver, Tengu - Top to Bottom

Keyboards Used During Development


Behind the Scenes



I know I said this in the zine but if you stumble on this post without buying the zine, thank you for your interest and support. To anyone who’s been interested, talked to me about the zine, pitched an idea, let me bounce ideas off them, or just took the time to read something I posted: Thank you. I say this in the zine too as well but thank you very very much to bustorblador for creating the amazing capz mosher art. And thank you to booper for giving us permission to use her sculpt for the art.

If you’re going to any meetups that I’m also attending, I hope to see you there. I’m looking forward to hearing any feedback on Volume 2.1 and I hope you’re excited for more zines to come.


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