An atelier focused on making creative, tactile, nerdy projects.


This atelier is Tactile Zine Creative Works. Home of the Tactile Zine series. You can expect to see things related to zine making, mechanical keyboards, photography (especially film), video games, and printmaking. Among other things…maybe. All with a focus on DIY.

The focus will be on the Tactile Zine 2.0 series. There will be other projects as well as I pursue whatever creative outlet catches my attention. Hope you enjoy your time here.


This is a continuation of the original project: Tactile Zine (1.0). It was a zine that lived on the geekhack forums and focused on keyboard and the DIY culture surrounding it. That zine will be revived and live here as Tactile Zine (2.0). Check out the projects tab for more information on Tactile Zine 1.0.


Making zines and other stuff since 2013.