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Tactile Zine Volume 2.0

zines focusing on makers and creatives in the mechanical keyboard community

This is a follow up to the 1.0 project. Still making zines focusing on the DIY culture in the mechanical keyboard community. More info coming soon.

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Tactile Zine Volume 1.0

zines focusing on geekhack.org Making Stuff Together subforum and makers

From 2015-2016, I made a series of zines focusing on makers and creators, especially on the geekhack subforum Making Stuff Together.

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Tactile Zine x boop! Collab

I did a collab with booper. Made caps, photozine, 4x6", and print.

Hung out with booper to learn more about her cap making process and documented the work we did to make caps. Created ferro colorway Ewok, Colonel, Monkey, blanks, and Cosmonaut caps along with a photozine, 4x6" photo, print, and stickers.

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Making zines and other stuff since 2013.