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Summer 2023 Meetups

Published Jun 13, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Come read zines IRL (Thank you bustorblador for the art!)

Come read zines IRL (Thank you bustorblador for the art!)

Tactile Zine 2023 Summer Tour

This summer, I’ll be attending a bunch of keyboard meetups. I wanna try out lots of new to me keyboards, switches, and see new artisan keycaps. And of course, I want to meet ya’ll. Please come find me. I will have zines and stickers. I’ll update this post if I plan on attending more dates.

I’ve also decided that I want to preserve the original intent of Tactile Zine 1.0. These zines will not be reprinted in any public runs. However I learned that Joey Quinn, an old reader of 1.0, was bringing the zines to meetups to show people. I thought this would be a fun way to get more people to see 1.0. So I’m happy to announce that HoffmanMyster and Joey Quinn will be have the full run of 1.0 available to bring to meetups if they choose to. HoffmanMyster has said he’ll be bringing the 1.0 zine run to the Milwaukee meetup so please check it out.

New Bustorblador Art!

bustorblador x booper

Also wanted to show off some new stickers I’ll have to giveaway at meetups and include with the zines. Booper was gracious enough to allow us to use their capz sculpt as inspirious. The incredible bustorblador turned that sculpt into this super fun mosher sticker. Thanks very much! Please check them out @bustorblador.

Where’s Tactile Zine Volume 2.1?

Coming soon! I am working to have these done by 6/24 for reasons. Please look forward to that!

I also crossposted this to the Tactile Zine 2.0 geekhack thread because why not.


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