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Azi Keycaps Collab

Published Nov 15, 2023 by Tactile Zine

December 2023 NYC Meetup Pato Puto

December 2023 NYC Meetup Pato Puto

Annoucing a collab with Azi Keycaps

For the December 2023 NYC meetup, I wanted to do something special and bring some more artisan representation. I’m pleased to announce that Azi Keycaps and I are doing a collab. These Pato Puto caps will be available at the NYC meetup in a bundle with a special Volume 2.3 zine. This colorway was inspired by an old New York Islanders logo I found and by all the New York sports team colors. Thank you very much to ej6 of Azi Keycaps for agreeing to do this project with me.

In addition, aqlno, the creator of the amazing hot dog artwork from That Windy City Keeb Meetup 2023, created an amazing sticker design for this collab. Thank you so much aqlno for the slightly threatening duck! You can see the design in the bottom left of the zine cover but this will also be a sticker included in the bundle.

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Nov 29 2023 Update

I have an unfortunate couple of updates:

Brazilian customs is on strike and Azi Keycaps and I are stuck waiting for the caps to actually ship to me from Brazil. We do not know when the package will be moving or when it will arrive to me. Therefore, I do not have the caps in hand.

Instead, I will be giving out dibs tickets at the meetup which will grant you entry to a private online sale exclusive to meetup attendees. The new price will be $36 + shipping now unfortunately for the bundle.

To enter the future sale, you will fill out the dibs ticket and send me an email at the meetup. When I have the caps, I will send everyone an email saying the sale is ready with the form. In addition to filling out the Google Form, you will need to include a picture of the dibs ticket filled out and include one of the giveaways from the meetup (cap, stickers, keyboard card, etc). If this step is missed, you will not be eligible for the sale.

Also 4 lucky buyers will get a Barkey in their order in addition to the Pato Puto keycap, stickers, and zine.


Second, I have been locked out of my @tactilezine instagram account. I’m waiting to see if I can retrieve it but if not, I’ll have to create another account sadly.

Dec 15 2023 Update

The caps arrived on Sunday Dec 10 2023 safely. Unfortunately a week late but I’m still happy to have them. I have spent the week getting ready for the sale.

Also I had to create a new Instagram account @tactile_zine because I cannot get into my old one.

Dec 19 2023 Update

I’ll have a limited quantity of extras available soon.

I also have access to my original @tactilezine account now!


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