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Azi Keycaps Collab

Published Nov 15, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Annoucing a collab with Azi Keycaps For the December 2023 NYC meetup, I wanted to do something special and bring some more artisan representation. I’m...


Amano Build Log

Published Oct 7, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Build Log for my Amano I built my first keyboard in literally years and figured I’d document it because build logs are still fun. Nothing...

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Vol 2.1 - Tactile Zine

Published Jul 5, 2023 by Tactile Zine

If you’ve ever wondered what got me back into keyboards after 6 years away, it’s pretty simple. I was at a point in my life...

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Summer 2023 Meetups

Published Jun 13, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Tactile Zine 2023 Summer Tour 6/17 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin x (Milwaukee Mechanical Keyboard Meetup) 7/8 - Glastonbury, Connecticut (NEKB Meetup - Coffee & Keyboards) 7/29...

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Tactile Zine 2.0

Published Apr 30, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Introduction: What is Tactile Zine 2.0? A physical zine covering the maker and creative culture around custom mechanical keyboards. And anything adjacent. You can expect...


Filco Zero Modding

Published Apr 17, 2023 by Tactile Zine

Filco Zero Modding I’ve finally taken the plunge to start modding my Filco Zero. I was scared to mod it as there were not very...


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