Filco Zero Modding

Published Apr 17, 2023 by Tactile Zine

They're not pretty but they do work and that's all I wanted.

They're not pretty but they do work and that's all I wanted.

Filco Zero Modding

I’ve finally taken the plunge to start modding my Filco Zero. I was scared to mod it as there were not very many replacement parts when I looked into it a while back (read 6+ years ago). But now with the Matias stabilizers, the easy availability of Costar stabilizers, and new DCS Alps sets available, I wanted to get the Zero updated.

I did cover some of my mods in a geekhack modding log but I wanted to expand on this so I had a reference in the future. Also figured it might be an interesting read.



1) I wanted to get the stabilizers working with the Cherry stem stabilizers that DCS uses.

2) I want to address the stabilizer rattle.

3) I want to get the DCS Alpine Winter set I have laying around working on to my keyboard.

4) I want to address the ping on the upstroke.

5) I want to replace the cable with something detachable.

6) I want to get the Pegasus Hoof working on VIA.

So far, I’ve succeeded in goals 1 through 4. Those were covered in my modding log that I posted on geekhack. Essentially I had to rebend the stabilizer wires, modify some of the stabilizer inserts, and sand downt he spacebar.



It’s really nice that my hobbies work together sometimes. I was able to use a lot of the mini painting tools for the modding work in the GH thread.



There was a suggestion that there are issues with the DCS Alps sets not fitting correctly on Row 3 (homerow). People have reported that the caps might impact the wrong part of the switch and cause the travel to be shortened way more than it’s supposed to. I did not encounter that issue with my caps.


Tape Modding

Something I really didn’t like about this keyboard is the horrible upstroke ping when the switches were actuated. I was going to buy a foam mat or PE foam to put into the keyboard case but stumbled into the tape mod idea. Figured this was easy enough to try since I already had the tape on hand. I tried it out and it looks jank/10 but it works at like an 7/10. I expected nothing so I was very surprised. I am still interested in buying a foam mat or PE foam to see if I can remove the tape and just rely on those foam options. I just want to remove the ping though.


Upcoming Work

I do want to update this blog to include my adventures in DIY cable making and if I can get the Zero to work with Via/Vial. More to come.


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